About Oasis

Oasis in South Africa is movement of change Agents - small, diverse groups of people who are committed to the health of our communities, our own growth and one another. We inspire, equip and sustain to lives of love and hope, while creating opportunities for others to join us.

Our Approach

Oasis South Africa is a nation-wide organisation consisting of locally-based groups each committed to empowering and serving the wider community in which it is based. Rather than being a 'development' NGO, Oasis sees itself as a membership-driven organisation, with members in each location mobilising to overcome the challenges they face through mutual support and by building on existing community assets.

Why Youth?

Oasis South Africa's NGO activities are centred around the upliftment of young people through youth-led programmes. We firmly believe that young people have the agency, recourses and capacity to take charge of transformation, within their own lives and the lives of those they encounter. Our model recognises the assets young people have and provides access to responsibilities serving as catalysts for empowerment, built on dignity and increased agency.

All Oasis change-agents within schools, on the sports field and in our community structures, are led, coordinated and operated by young people from the community. The strategy to engage young men and women is built on a value-based approach that is inclusive, longitudinal, asset-based and integrated.

Oasis programs:

Creating Change Agents


Globally Oasis has Anti-Human trafficking initiatives. After research done in SA, we decided to focus on the sex-work industry itself. Greenlight is an initiative that builds relationships with commercial sex-workers in order to create awareness of their Sexual Health and Human Rights.

It also offers 20 Sex-workers an opportunity to become part of the Oasis team as Peer Educators.



This is a 4 month work readiness and Change Agent program for 30-50 unemployed youths, run twice a year, and includes three elements: Work readiness, basic computer literacy, and community engagement.

This program could lead to work opportunities or being selected to become a Youth Intern or Teacher Intern with Oasis.



This program was designed and led by teachers from MTAT. It’s a learning centre in Cosmo City for undocumented migrant children, who are excluded from formal education. Learning at the centre includes numeracy, literacy, life skills and basic computer training.





15-40 Talented Youth Change Agents are selected from our Bridge the Gap Program and given a bursary to study teaching at a tertiary institution. They are then placed as interns in local schools 4 days a week, whilst completing their degree. These interns are mentored by Oasis and other Education Partners for 1-4 years, to help them develop into the best possible teachers as well as role models.


Get involved!

A single teacher can change many lives forever,
and you can be part of that change.

This program is designed to train
teachers to be role models for
children, and help them with
problems in their personal lives,
or at home.

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We’ve partnered with Jozi Nut Butter to raise
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For more information, or to get involved, contact Kutloano:
kutloano.toko@oasisza.org or +27 72 890 4270
Physical address: 814 Georgia Crescent, Cosmo City, Johannesburg